February 14th, 2009



My grandpa is in the hospital. Probably this is no big deal. Except the whole "being in the hospital unexpectedly" thing never being a little deal per se. My parents are leaving for Omaha this morning. As soon as I am showered and packed, I am going with them. This is not what we planned and certainly not what we hoped for. It will not be fun with the vertigo. I don't care. I need to see my grandpa. I have no idea whether I will be back soon or whether I will be gone several days. Frankly I am at that point where I'm sure I'm going to turn up with mismatched socks and no cell phone charger.

I think I'll have e-mail. I'll certainly have my cell phone and contact with markgritter and timprov. E-mails and comments welcome, I just don't make guarantees about reply time.