February 13th, 2009


One Year Closer to Balance

Well, here we are. One Year Closer to Balance. I woke up from dreams of an out-of-control space station again, for the umpteenth time in the last year and a half. Just in case I was likely to forget what today is, I guess.

My balance-related plans today include:
--very light yoga, since I fell out of a couple of poses yesterday
--going over the credit card statement
--lunch out with friends/quiet dinner at home: balance time with friends and time with family, time with others and time by myself
--work on revisions and work on new fiction
--charitable donation and muffins for neighbors so I'm not spending it all thinking of myself

Are you observing my balance holiday with me? Let me know what you're thinking and doing towards balance in your own lives.

"They didn't say nothin' about the Ladies' Auxiliary."

I will talk a little more about One Year Closer to Balance tomorrow or the next day. Short form: thank you. Thank you all. Very much.

But really: vertigo-related stuff? Or Battlestar Galactica snark? Collapse )

I tell you what, if I wrote this show, it'd be The Chief and Helo Show! Now featuring Sharon!, and occasionally Dee would show up to verbally throttle someone in a deleted scene on the DVD extras.