February 2nd, 2009

writing everywhere

Short stories, two things

Thing One: Erasing the Map is up over at Futurismic, if you feel like reading short fiction. Note: this is not one of my lighter, fluffier pieces. It deals with the aftermath of traumas on three different people.

Thing Two: Baen's Universe is buying "Why I Live in the Silver Mine." Yay sale! Yay quirky story finding a home!

Also, I am definitely feeling better today. Not "all better." But better.
getting by

Uncle Dud

When my grandmother woke up on New Year's Day, she had six siblings living.

Now she has four.

My uncle Dud died this afternoon. He was Grandma's youngest brother, I think her favorite brother. He had been sick for quite some time, but it was still a very sudden decline--earlier in the weekend he was able to go out and do things with Onie and his grandkids.

I think the things I will remember most fondly about my uncle Dud are his big, booming laugh and his ease and happiness with small children. When I look up at the glass in the skyscrapers in this city I love, I think of my uncle who put it there.