January 24th, 2009


Question meme and life-living update

The question meme has come around again on the guitar. You know the drill: ask me five questions or comment asking to have me ask you five questions. Or both. And then pass it on. This batch of five is from azhure:

1 - What book would you like to have written?
Copper Mountain. Wow, do I ever wish that thing was finished. Most of the stuff I write, I like writing. I already did a disastrous draft of that one, and doing another draft is not as appealing as it could be, even though there are things about it that seem like they might be good fun.

2 - When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
A writer. I win! Also a physicist. Tried that; it was not a good temperamental fit. Before I knew what a physicist was/did by name, I was mostly groping around trying to figure out how to tell people that was what I wanted to do.

3 - What would you like to change about the world?
So many things, uff da. Not only are there, as the fella points out, people wrong on the internet, they're doing it off the internet, too! And then there are the things that aren't anybody's doing that suck anyway. What I want is for everybody to have the room to think in the long-term. I don't think we'd come up with the same wants (or even the same idea of what things were wants vs. needs) if that was the case, but it'd sure be interesting, and a lot less frustrating than reading over and over again of historical figures making short-term choices that went really badly over the long-run. Starving people do not have a lot of room for the long view. Nor do people with contaminated water supplies or viciously oppressive governments or any of a number of ills. I think the quality of problems we'd have if everybody had the room to draw breath and think would be a higher and more interesting quality of problems.

4 - What dead historical figure would you like to meet?
Today we're going to go with Lise Meitner. Tomorrow it would be different.

5 - What do you regret the most?
Okay, that one's a little more personal than I care to share in specific detail on the internet. Suffice it to say that there was something that, while perfectly true, never needed to be said to the person I said it to. Mostly I don't spend a lot of time on regrets, because the past is not the bit I can control, the present and the future are. So apologizing for bad behavior, analyzing why it went wrong if there's a question, and trying to do better in the future in specific, concrete ways seems a lot more productive than regretting.

So anyway. You know how this goes. Ask me, or I'll ask you.

So. Where are we on the list I made on January 1?

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