January 20th, 2009


deep thoughts about the future of this administration

Okay, fellow Really Pale Femmey Women! I think we need a preemptive writing on the blackboard exercise. Fifty times each:

"Just because Michelle Obama can wear that color does not mean I can wear that color."

We are going to need it this administration. Our new First Lady is veryvery good at dressing herself, not some idealized person on whom all trends look good, even the contradictory ones. And that is the lesson we need to learn from her clothes, not, "Ooh, she looks so pretty, I should wear exactly what she's wearing!"

Because she looks lovely, and we would look like three-month-old lutefisk in some of these colors.

Seriously. We need to take deep breaths and repeat, "Not every color is for every person, and that's okay."