January 4th, 2009


I have faith in your good manners for more than one reason.

I have seen this elsewhere, but phrased in terms of force, and you are all, I feel sure, too inherently polite and too cognizant of your own bodily safety to ever want to force me to do anything. So I will ask it more politely:

If you could urge, persuade, or ask me to write any particular thing, what would it be?

(This can be as specific as "Carter Hall and the Motley Lions" or as general as "ummm...something SF," or as random as "short story with bears and the French Revolution in.")

Audience participation #2: the tea edition.

At dinner the other night, we started trying to figure out what kinds of teas the different Dragaeran houses would have. An entire array of white teas selected for specific occasions for the Issola, for example. Red Rose brewed with extra bags for the Dzur. An Oolong with some orange peel for the Tiassa. Maybe a barley tea for the Teckla, and those flower teas that have to be preserved just right so that they unfold into a flower structure for the Vallista.

Your turn: Dragaeran houses, or Barrayaran Vor families, or any other themed tea things you'd like.

I'd have totally gotten into BPAL if it had offered me an array of tisanes themed around fictional musicians, for example. So...if it had been something else completely, basically.