September 23rd, 2008

good mris pic

rainy rainy Tuesday

I pass this link along in case of interest: cloudscudding is hiring for a short-term data-entry position here in the Cities. If you're efficient and looking for work to tide you until something longer-term comes along, head on over there to give it a look.

Anyone who has any suggestions for food near the Cedar Cultural Center could maybe pass them along. The sort of person who was going to Nordic Roots this weekend might appreciate that.

We're all kind of dragging around here today: clinic PT for me, dentist for markgritter, and dealing with ongoing cruddiness in various directions. I have a certain amount of rose-colored find-the-joy-in-each-day to my character, but sometimes the exciting kinds of joy don't seem all that likely, and a cup of hot chocolate after PT is what you're going to get in that direction. And that's okay, too; we have a lot of good hot chocolate here.