August 24th, 2008

good mris pic

Clean nibs

The thing about having a major, life-affecting ongoing health problem like vertigo is that it's very hard to predict all the ways in which you will fall behind on Things What Need Doing. It's been easy enough to spot that most of the cooking duties are not things I can do, although I'd like to ease into more of them. It's certainly been easy to spot that if we wanted the house to be kept to my previous standards or some approximation thereof, I would need to pay for (and, in some of the interstices, ask for) some outside help.

There was no particular reason I couldn't clean my pen nibs. But it sort of got pushed off to the side: other things have been important and difficult, and I could use Rollerballs easily enough, and then I looked up and my nibs had not been cleaned in ages. So I did that today. They're drying on paper toweling in the kitchen, demonstrating capillary action beautifully with the one that had a dark greeny blue ink in it: blue in the center, green for a tiny ring, and a shocking yellow halo around the whole.

What small satisfying things have you gotten done lately?