August 20th, 2008


Wednesday things, numbering five

1. Aberrant Dreams wants to buy another of my stories, "Gilding the Dandelion." Rah. Also several of my stories are in the "requested revisions" or "hold for consideration" stages at various happy markets. This is not as good a thing as a sale, but it's still an awfully good thing -- and may lead to as good a thing as a sale, so.

2. I love it when my friends listen to me. I don't mean this sarcastically. I'm really quite serious. I love to be able to say, "We can help you with thing X," and have them say, "Great, we'd appreciate that." I love to be able to say, "Please say no if this is more than you can do right now," and have them say, "This is more than I can do right now." It is so much better this way.

3. I have a PT retest in an hour. Purple Room of Doom. Wheeee.

4. Remember when I said that last weekend was going to be low-key? How many of you actually believed that coming from me? Suckers.

5. The reinstallation of Firefox on my computer, combined with my default viewing preferences, has resulted in an lj-posting window that is bright, bright, bright grassy green with black type. I actually like it better than white with black type (although black with white type is still my preference).