August 4th, 2008



Note to self: when you buy something for a party, thinking, "Oh, we'll never finish all of this ourselves before it goes bad, but if we get it for a party, we can have just the right amount of it!", it is better to actually put it out at the party. Because, self, very few people you are willing to invite into your home are likely to ransack the refrigerator demanding things you have not put out in the mountain of food but totally meant to if only you'd remembered.


Note to other inmates of this asylum: if you get a wild craving for jicama, we have some. Like, a pound of it. Or a pound minus three sticks, after my lunch.

Also, I am still not clear on why bridragon and beenasjournal made paper plate masks of Good greykev and Evil greykev. It will be a mystery for the ages.