June 24th, 2008


PT retest report again

I am not done with Fourth Street commentary yet, I don't think. Probably not done, anyway. But today was my PT retest, so I thought I'd say some stuff that came up there:

1. I am still making steady progress. Yay, returning vestibular function. It's still less than a third of an average person's vestibular function, but we continue to see monotonic improvement. Am I thrilled about this? Yes. Definitely.

2. The steady progress is slow. It is very slow. I am way out on the edge of the bell curve on this one. What does this mean? Probably several more months of PT thrice daily. We've scheduled another six weeks plus retest at the end of it. It's not looking like that retest will be the last of my PT. It could be. It's just not the way to bet right now. Am I thrilled about this? No. Definitely not.

3. We have some guesses about the next few months, based on how all this is going. Guesses about timing for my 30th birthday party, and what travel I will and will not be able to do. (This is mostly "will not," one big "will" in the direction of Montreal: my physical therapist and my doctor consider it to be one of the milestones we're working towards.) This is not so much thrilled or unthrilled as practical and planny, which are good things in themselves.

4. I have passed Standing In The Corner 101. Go me! We're back to the realm of thrilled again.

5. What does this mean? Among other things, it means that what I'm doing now is doing what it's supposed to, and advice that is aimed at the idea that I am not making progress and need something drastically different is unlikely to thrill me. Supportive comments about what I'm working really hard at doing now are nice, though.