June 19th, 2008

I'm listening....

Fourth Street Schedule

The names have gone on the programming now, and here's what I'm on:

Friday, 3:30. From Cool Idea to Story.
How do you get there from here?
Jim Frenkel (mod), Alec Austin, Ellen Klages, Marissa Lingen, Will Shetterly

Friday, 5:00. Grinding Buttons and Pushing Axes for Fun and Profit
I hate stories with a “message”, particularly if I agree with the message, but maybe I’m wrong. Can it be done well and elegantly? How? What is the value in making your reader uncomfortable?
Elizabeth Bear (mod), Alec Austin, Emma Bull, Marissa Lingen, Sarah Monette

Saturday, 1:30. Advice from New Writers
This is not a typo.
Teresa Nielsen Hayden (mod), Reesa Brown (2nd mod), Jennifer Evans, Marissa Lingen, Michael Merriam, Kit O’Connell, Jon Singer

Sunday, 12:30. Writer’s Lies
What lies do you have to tell yourself in order to do your best work? Do you tell yourself the truth? I believe you. No, really.
Steven Brust (mod), Pamela Dean, Ellen Klages, Marissa Lingen, Will Shetterly, Caroline Stevermer

Nicely spread out so that I can do PT and crash for a bit if I need to. Also I do not have to moderate anything. Wheee!

I am terrible at panel reports. I am much better at "thoughts I had that may or may not have had anything to do with the panel but came up about that time." We will see what I can do.