June 6th, 2008


Just Can't Stand

One of the worst nausea days I've had with the vertigo, and a great many small things happening, none of which I feel like talking about. Instead, you get a poll! Here's the deal: I will be able to see your answer. No one else will. Tell me the science fiction or fantasy author whose work you like the least. After a few days -- let's say, around noon on Monday -- I will make a list of the answers with the lj names removed. This can be someone whose single offering you found staggeringly bad, or someone other people love and you just can't stand, or someone whose influence you think is pervasively odious, or whatever -- but it should be their work, not their person, inasmuch as those things are separable. I'm not looking for, "You would not believe what he said to my sister when he was GoH at InsertConHere!"

Poll #1200426 Least Favorite

Which SF or fantasy author's work do you dislike most?

I will be interested to see if my theories about categories of response are correct.

The comments section to this post and Monday's post will be unscreened, so if you want to say, "Oh, that Marissa Lingen, I know she's just got short stories out, but I hate every one of them," in the comments, go right ahead, but it will be public.