May 15th, 2008


Books read (early May) and other stuff

The other stuff first: the plan to get me a new desk has taken another step forward: markgritter disassembled timprov's old desk and reassembled it in the basement to be a home for some of his new work stuff. So now there's room for me to get a new desk or computer table. Of course, that would involve shopping for one, so we won't be planning on that happening any time soon. Still, it's best for my back if I don't try to write another book on this desk. It's lovely, and I'm very glad to have it, but it was not designed to be a computer desk, because when it was designed, computers took entire rooms. Not small ones, either. The immediate result of all this is a lovely open space for doing PT, and a pile of the stuff that was in timprov's old desk and didn't get transferred to his new desk or a file box. He'll take care of that when we get back from California.

This trip to California is a weird length. It's not "clean out everything fresh from the fridge" length, but it's also not "it'll all still be good when you get back" length, either. It's not "stop the mail" length, but the mail will be a pile to deal with. And to make it stranger, markgritter is staying longer than I am, so we can't pack together but have to do two toothpastes and like that.

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