May 14th, 2008

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Uncle Fourth Street Wants You!

So. The next con for which I have a membership is Fourth Street Fantasy Convention, which is about ten minutes from our house and will be full of awesome. June 20-22. You should definitely come if you possibly can. Lots of people have said this elsewhere, and they were right; listen to them. The registration deadline is not until May 31; if you don't pre-register, you can still come, but registrations are more expensive at the door. Go! Register! Frolic! Rejoice!

However. Several people have said to me, "I can't make it this year. Maybe next year." And oh my dears, conventions are not like violets. They do not spring up of their own accord in green and shady places. You cannot be sure that they will be there the next year, and the next, and the next. For why? Because conventions are work. And while we already know it will be awesome, if it is too small and awesome, the people who are doing the work might not be able to do it next year, or might not be able to find other people to do it next year.

And what can you, as a person who is unable to come this year, do about this problem? Why, I am so glad you asked, amiable reader! You can print this flier here, and you can take it to your local SF bookstore, or your local SF club meeting, or wherever else you think it might be of interest -- colleges sometimes have bulletin boards with announcements about conferences, and I don't see why eager college fabulists oughtn't to know about this, if you know some. And so on. I don't say you should post it at your local grocery store, but if you can think of interesting people who might not know about this event and might want to know, that would be exceptionally handy, and they and we would all thank you for it. And then the odds that there would be a next year's Fourth Street would increase by a non-zero amount, so you'd have another chance at it! See how this makes everybody happy? Mostly me?