May 2nd, 2008


What today is like

The thing about going up the stairs on all fours with the stupid vertigo is that it gets a lot more tempting to lie down and have a nap in the middle of them, since I'm already so much closer to the floor anyway.

The thing about feeling this way before I go in for my PT testing and the Purple Room Of Doom -- well, that thing is left as an exercise for the reader.
getting by

PT retesting report

Good news is: there is progress since the last time we did these tests a month ago.

Good news is: there is no indication that I am hitting a plateau and will not continue to get better from here.

Bad news is: we're scheduling out at least six weeks' more PT with a retest after that, and probably at least a few more sessions after that. So the dizzy, the falling, the incapacity for doing simple household tasks: we expect this to last a noticeable time longer.

Where's the turbo button on this damn thing?