April 19th, 2008

good mris pic

Six random things make a baker's entry (except I'm still not baking, sigh).

1. My regular e-mail is in up-and-down mode lately, and since I'm in up-and-down mode myself, the coincidences of the two are not always fortuitous in terms of me getting to read and reply to things. Just so's you know.

2. markgritter got home this morning early. His luggage did not. So we have hopes in that direction, eventually. Apparently his luggage decided that a vacation to Seattle was just the ticket. As none of you in the greater Seattle metro are close personal friends with our luggage, I expect that there are no glad cries greeting this announcement; certainly we were not inspired to any.

3. I re-discovered this morning that it is not a good omen for my enjoyment of a book when an author sees fit to describe characters in terms of which movie stars they resemble. It doesn't matter if they've chosen classic actors and actresses rather than the flavor of the month -- I'd have thought it would, but it doesn't. It's just generally a signal that this author wants me to process a book differently than I want to process a book, and other mismatches will almost certainly follow. Now that I've said this, someone will come up with an exception that I did actually like. I almost hope they do.

4. The snow mound in the center of our circle is gone, and the ice is off the nearby lakes. I can't swear to the condition of larger lakes.

5. If this washes as well as I think it will, I will get one in each color (the one I have now is black) and wear them until they fall apart. So very comfortable. (And my experience of Athleta's stuff is that "until they fall apart" is really quite some time.)

6. This week has been rather fuller than I expected. There's the currently-normal PT stuff, which is not any fun all by itself. And there were fun additions (like doing Career Day at an area high school, more on which anon) and one horrible addition that turned out all right: my friend V's dog was attacked by three other dogs -- completely out of the blue and unprovoked, says an unbiased witness -- and was injured enough to need veterinary care. He's doing all right now, poor boy, but he was a rescue dog in the first place; he didn't need more violence and fear in his life. But Mom and timprov and I went up to visit V and the pup, and we scritched his tummy and let him lay on my arm and whack timprov affectionately with his big square head and generally told him what a brave good boy he was. So we're very glad he's healing and also very glad that he's not too fearful to enjoy new monkeys.

Anyway, I am more or less whumped. I seem to have acquired a list of stuff to say once I get around to saying it, but apparently now is not that time. Have a good weekend.