March 28th, 2008



I'm doing it again. This keyboard, black with white letters, has held out longer than the previous models. But S is gone, and C, V, N, M, L, .. K is almost gone. You can see the wear on D and , starting to kick in. It's not such a thing for me. I touch-type. I only look at the keyboard to see which letters my fingers have eaten. But if anyone else in the house needs to use this computer for anything, we're swiftly approaching the point of total uselessness.

Why those letters? They're not the most frequently used in the English language; they're not disproportionately present in my name or things I type often like "the" and "and" and "dear" and "hey." I don't sit with my fingers resting on the bottom row of keys. I don't spill things on them and have to scrub them off again. I just don't know what the deal is here. I don't mind that my fingers eat the letters; I just want to know why these letters.
viking princess necklace

Open post to the Aesir noir book

Are you done now? Can you stop trying to leap out of my head (apparently, from the feel of it, yanking on the middle-ears on your way out)? Because I am not in any state to be writing you right this very minute, you stubborn, stubborn thing! I need to finish short stories! I need to revise this other novel! I need to not spend an hour at the computer making myself dizzy and miserable because of you! Okay? Okay?

I am not hearing an answering affirmation here. Books. Can't live without 'em, and living with them is a total PITA.