February 21st, 2008


Just exactly what we needed.

So. The first set of home PT exercises: not much fun. I slept wretchedly thanks to the vertigo and my dear little beast, who decided that it was the perfect evening to be bratty. And when I went lurching down the stairs this morning, I noticed that the kitchen floor was cold. Really cold. Really, really cold. Like the air around me, in fact: cold. I checked the thermostat, and it was a good ten degrees F colder than it's set for. Attempted to poke the furnace from the thermostat control. No result.

It is a really bad idea for me to go lurching down the basement stairs at this stage of dizziness to see if we can poke the furnace into submission, and everyone else is still asleep. But in fact I'm not so sure there's going to be much we can do on our own anyway, so the optimal strategy may be to call and leave a message on a furnace repairperson's machine first thing and then to do my first round of PT exercises and crawl back into bed.


Edited to add: Wiktory! The furnace technician is scheduled to arrive at 9:00.

Warm Wiktory

The furnace fella came and fixed the sparker. We will eventually need a new furnace, but today is not that day. I'm still wearing a flannel nightgown, leggings, wool socks, and my bathrobe over the whole shebang while the house warms up, but we were never in any danger of really severe discomfort; my folks' house is ten minutes away, and we knew they'd welcome all four housemammals for an hour or a day or whatever it took while the furnace was getting fixed.

I used up the last of the Godiva hot chocolate, which means I get to try a new kind of hot chocolate. I got a lot of hot chocolate for Christmas. This is not even slightly a complaint. I did have to force myself to make it and start drinking it, though once I'd started it went fine. It's not that the PT stuff nauseates me per se. It just makes food seem like a really terrible idea even when I'm hungry. So since I have to do this thrice daily, I think what I'll do is to schedule it right after I have a meal, so that the ick has maximum time to dissipate before I need another meal. That's the theory, anyway. We'll see how it goes in practice.