January 24th, 2008


After the rain of milk and Cheerios

Did you know that a bowl of milk and Cheerios contains a truly alarming amount of milk when you fall and gift your office with it? Sad but true, and so I have added, "Steam-clean office carpet," to the list of things to do for today, since I am not even remotely confident in my ability to find all the wee milk spots by hand and clean them up so they don't smell (to my nose, not to your nose) and get sticky.

It wasn't a bad fall, but that was in part because I sacrificed the bowl of Cheerios to be able to catch myself and not whack my head very hard on something cornered and unpleasant. I do not even slightly regret this choice. It's just that it means steam-cleaning carpet in an unscheduled sort of way. That's the thing about this stupid vertigo: people can see how it takes me longer if I need someone's arm when I'm walking around. They don't see how much it means extra work of cleaning the kitchen cabinets or the carpet, or going to buy another set of glasses because one has broken too many of the set one had, or like that -- and how those things in turn have to be done around the vertigo and take vertical time and energy. Ah well. At least the new clinic shows promise.

Last night we went to see a lawyer about wills and such. We'll have to go back in a bit to sign things and make them all official-like, but it was quick and painless. If you're local and don't know the name of a lawyer who does this sort of thing, I can tell you who we went to see, phone number and all. (Many of you who are local already know him, though, some quite well.) Far better to go through the slight hassle of establishing legal documentation while everyone is alive and well than to be hassled over it just when you have a rather large lot of other unpleasant things to think of.

As timprov noted, we discovered when we attempted to dine there that Brix has closed its doors to reimagine itself as a Tex-Mex place, which almost certainly will not feature goat cheese toasts with rosemary honey, which means I have to figure out what kind of goat cheese it was (you can't just go buy goat cheese and have it come out right! that's like saying ice cream was made with cow milk and then expecting it to all taste the same!) and how to make the rosemary honey go and ideally the little toasts as well. Because I already miss those. We went to Fat Lorenzo's instead, which is always a fine thing, but not very seriously similar to the pasta in the shape of wee hats.

The tub people are very sure that they will be able to finish the project today. I believe them. It's already looking good to me, and my mom has confirmed her willingness to help paint in there. Robin's egg blue, most likely. Not this month for sure. They have been courteous and efficient work people, and I'm very pleased with them, and I will be very pleased to have them done.

And aside from the unexpected steam-cleaning, there will be the expected book-improving and the expected hotdish-making and the expected grocery delivery, and that's all going to be fine, I'm pretty sure. And that's what, today.