January 16th, 2008


Books read, early January, and a few other things.

I am, uff da, tired today, and the dog is ready to play. I sometimes forget how much more tiring it is to do things like making a salad or deviling eggs when I have to work to keep my balance the whole time. And then I go to do them "just quick here" and then am surprised: wait! I'm tired! Well, yes. It works that way.

The people who are going to replace the shower said they would start March 24 or so, and then they called back today to say, "How about Monday?" and I said, "Okay." So there's that. March 24. January 21. They're almost the same. In geological time they're identical. (But I really don't want timprov and the tub falling through the kitchen ceiling one day, so: Monday. Fine.)

I have gotten a Christmas present, two random presents, and something nifty I ordered for myself, so far this week in the mail. So that's kind of cool.

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