January 6th, 2008

auntie: Robin

Visit to Robin

We went to the hospital this afternoon for awhile to see Robin and porphyrin and Mike. Turned out we got to see Lillian and porphyrin's middle sister and brother-in-law as well, because they were still there for part of our visit. We hung around and talked, some practicalities of the situation and some telling of the story of yesterday, but also some stories about college professors and other random subjects of interest.

I can't accurately reassure myself or others yet about the long-term prognosis for this eye; that's not information we have right now. We're just going to have to wait and see. What I do know is that Robin was quite reasonably slightly frustrated at having to stay in his hospital bed and in his hospital room, but was in reasonable enough spirits and could entertain himself with cookies and Legos and cartoons. He read most of the card my mom sent for him, only needing help on a few words, and he was all the grown-up in the world when the nurse went to take his temperature in his ear. "Actually," he explained to her, "the mouth works better for me."

He is a good kid. He is such a good kid. And while we don't know what shape the okayness is going to take yet, he's going to be okay one way or another. And he's doing pretty well right now, under the circumstances.

In the elevator, I turned to Robin's godfathers and said, "Well. Everybody feel better?" Everybody did.