November 21st, 2007



Since Friday I've been having the kind of week where the things I'm doing are numerous enough to preclude writing about any of them at length. This includes:

--reading a short story, "The Snow Queen and Milady de Winter," at the Fantasy Matters conference
--going to a Blues Traveler concert
--going to two different birthday parties in twelve hours, one of them with a rocketship cake and the other with sushi (4 and 30 are very different!)
--making a soup-and-monkey run
--lunches and dinners with various friends and family members around the Cities
--some of the work on a Very Clever Christmas Present (but don't tell ksumnersmith, because it's a seeeeekrit)
--a trip down to St. Pete to have lunch with my old advisor and see the rest of my old department
--getting my back fixed
--arranging for some household repairs
--and all the stuff catching up from being sick and/or vertiginous, and all the normal household stuff and work on book revisions and short stories and so on and so on

And now I will go make Swedish meatballs and potatoes and asparagus. Tomorrow's Thanksgiving dinner is not here, so most of the work is not mine. It'll feature close family and close friends and lefse, reminders of things to be thankful for all around!