November 12th, 2007


Careful with the #10 roll.

I'm feeling better, but still dizzy. Shut in the house for days being sick, now energetic, still dizzy. Yarg. And what makes a stir-crazy almost-better dizzy girl much, much happier?

Hockey maki hockey maki hockey maki!!!!!

I looked up in the middle of my Gaborik roll and said, "Gabby so spicy. He mess you up," and made timprov choke on his Zholtok Memorial roll. (Okay, so it really wasn't a very good Gabby voice.) Also we talked about this story, which just makes me grin like a fool every time I think about it. As most news stories about Darby Hendrickson do, really.

Reliable pleasures in life. Others include cloudberries, the comfy and very blue couch in the library, a book that's behaving itself in revisions, and a new Oliver Sacks book to read. And hugs, hanging out, and phone conversations with various and sundry very fine monkeys. So. If we can only get this vertigo nonsense to head out, really it'll be pretty fine; and even with the vertigo still around, things could be a lot worse.