October 14th, 2007

good mris pic

Three open letters

Dear E-mail Interface,

Please do not auto-correct "et al" to "at all." "Dear [name] at all," makes us both look stupid. Well, it would. I corrected it. Now it just makes you look stupid.

(In fact, didn't I tell you not to auto-correct anything? I'm changing that option again, but how did it get changed back? Harumph.)


Dear Clothing Manufacturer,

I realize why it would be beneficial to you to sell overlapping but non-identical sets of clothing in your stores and on your website: you can try to sell more things to people if they have to go both places to see the stock. But can you please not pretend that it is some kind of favor to me? "Internet exclusive" means "available to anyone who has a computer or can get into a public library." Just admit that it's for your own benefit as a for-profit business, since we already know that's what you are, and move along.

Not impressed,

Dear My College,

This "making an unmarked field of people's former homes" thing: it does not do you credit. Engraved paving stones cost less than $100 apiece. Look into it. Also: it'll be ten years in March. Plant some damn trees around the Shakespeare Pit already. Without the trees it's just a hole in the ground. Nobody likes a denuded Shakespeare Pit. It's unsightly.

Good job on seeing how cool Jen is, though. Rah rah rah, well done skool skool skool, as the man says.

Oh, all right, at least a little bit of love,


The very best thing about a stomach bug or food poisoning or whatever the heck it was -- is the first day afterwards when you can actually eat and not just pick around hoping that whatever you've found will sit well.

Lunch was not fancy -- sharp cheddar and crackers, and I cut up an avocado and a tomatillo into thin slices and squeezed half a lime over them. Tiny crumbling of sea salt. But oh, was it ever good.


I have been going through moving files to indicate which stories are trunked, which gives me a clearer idea of what stuff I have sitting around started. And so it was easier to make a list. Short story ideas, started enough to have their own file (as opposed to the "starters" file, although some things in it probably should have their own file, but let's not complicate this unduly -- it's not a night for superpowers).

Six fantasy. Thirteen SF.

Hmm. Finished stories are about a third SF. Sold stories, same proportion, roughly, so if people are buying more of one than of the other, they aren't buying that way from me.

But the unfinished bits -- that still look worthwhile, because I tidied several "meh" fragments away into the "fragment trunk" -- reverse that percentage.

I wonder if it's because I've been writing novel-length fantasy, or if it's because I don't get as frustrated with short fantasy stories I've been reading -- but that's been true for awhile -- or what.

I was recently asked for more short fantasy specifically, though.

Hmmmmm. And also hmm.

Also, when I sell SF stories, I often think, "See, I'm still an SF writer!" Whereas I never think, "See, I'm still a fantasy writer!" when I sell fantasy stories.


Feel free to come up with wild theories about the nature of the genre at the moment and/or the nature of my psyche and/or what happens if you remove a physics major from the lab for too long.

Still: hmm.