October 11th, 2007


DIY whining

Build your own grumble! Bonus points for use of the following words or phrases: "tired," "achy," "punky," "frustrated," "miss markgritter," "worried about [insert middling large group of people here]," "stain the retaining wall," "I said better, not worse!", "weather stripping," "saw cut," "box elder bugs," "cheap fabric that frays unreasonably soon," "grocery impairment," "porn spam with elderly relatives' names on," "end-to-end principle," and "Tang."

Actually I am not feeling even slightly grumbly about Tang, but I thought it would bring an artificially orange perkiness to whatever grumbles you managed to build, distinguishing them from once and future grumbles.

As much as I'm fascinated by this book about the Pinkertons, it may well be time for a break for some fiction. But I don't think I can blame this bone-weariness on the Pinkertons, alas.