August 13th, 2007



We are due for asphalt tomorrow. That's right: we will possibly have a usable driveway before I flee the country! Possibly! If things don't go too badly awry! Etc.!

I expect rain tomorrow early, of course. Being Like That and all.

I also have a tree person coming out, and I got a couple more of the dull but necessary category of appointments scheduled, and there are a couple of social things on the calendar, and -- oh, yeah, the fleeing of the country is actually on the calendar with specifics now. Plane tickets, hotels, train tickets, and some key social moments in general outline.

In case I had forgotten to mention it, I'm going to Toronto and Montreal in early September. Eight days of Canada! I am excited. I have figured out how to get there and where to stay, and running down the list I see that the next thing I am to worry about is what to pack. Uff da.

Early September is a terrible time to pack eight days' worth of clothing for -- at least it is here. At Gustavus I often stuck my hand out the window on September mornings -- and still often came back to the dorms to change after a class or two. This would be less of a problem if I was less temperature-sensitive. I think the key word will be "layers." Anyone with early/mid-September Montreal experience who is fairly sensitive to both heat and cold -- please speak up.

As for the rest of it, I have to see what food I can transport across the border -- nuts, dried fruit, bread? -- and skew my reading towards the large, heavy hardbacks right now so there'll still be mass-market paperbacks and densely printed trade paperbacks on the pile when the time comes. I also have no idea how much reading time there'll actually be in this trip. Life is full of questions. Whenever one of us would fuss about packing, my grandfather would repeat, "They have stores there," and all evidence does indicate that they do. But I don't have so much time planned on this trip that I want to waste it shopping for toothpaste or socks.

Further travel plans for this year involve at least two trips to Omaha, one to Saratoga Springs, and another that's up in the air as a possibility. Also there will be plenty of stuff going on around here, as there generally seems to be.

I think I'm an activity magnet, is what.