July 26th, 2007


Happy Pete! Er, my birthday!

Hey! It's my birthday! I'm 29! Happy my birthday!

hernewshoes wants me to be happy on my birthday, so she linked to all the Pete Seeger videos on YouTube. Eeeeee. I am listening to them with bouncy glee while I finish my birthday scone. One of them got me all sniffly and excited, because it's Pete and his grandson singing "Well May the World Go," and oh wow oh wow, especially when you hit the choruses, Pete's grandson has his voice and his exuberance. And an obvious love of his grandfather and his grandfather's music. And a band. Whose albums I must now own.

Also, we should all age so well as Pete Seeger, fierce and energetic.

Later I will open presents, take a dip in the hot tub, work on the book because I want to, have a good lunch but I don't know what yet, read something good, have dinner at Rice Paper and ice cream at Sebastian Joe's with two of the people I was with 29 years ago today (plus markgritter). I might bake something. I might not. Depends on what I feel like doing, because it's my birthday.

What are you making today? Stories, lunch, earrings, amends, programs, a living, a better life, connections, a garden, a bit of room to relax?