July 13th, 2007

geek shirt by the falls

Cheerful things.

Surely there are more cheering things in the world than the idea that Buddy Holly songs can randomly show up on my playlist while I'm working. I can't think of any, though. I love Buddy Holly. It's not even the leg-twitch thing. Well, okay, it's not just the leg-twitch thing.

Also, having poodle assistance for the writing of this book is very cheering. She's gotten better about putting her head in the crook of my elbow rather than trying to hold my wrists down, now that she's figured out that if she stops me from typing, I'm likely to get up and do some horrible monkey thing like running to Target or sweeping the floor, whereas if she snuggles in and encourages me to keep typing, she will get a stable lap for hours.

Also I have decided that today is the day for Unfortunate Thematic Echoes and Foreshadowed Plot Points. They are good ones, by which I mean that they are bad ones, of course. I hum happily to myself through the Unfortunate Thematic Echoes, a-hey-hey.

I am not nearly as cheered as some of you are by the impending arrival of The Last Harry Potter Book, but I'm not as annoyed as some, either. Babble on about HP and what you loved and what you hated and why it was so satisfying/disappointing/heart-rending/dull. I'm not really interested, but I'm not really interested in knitting or karate or motorcycle stunt riding, either -- and I am when my friends do these things, because I'm interested in hearing what has my friends excited and enthusiastic.