June 29th, 2007


No actual dog bellies were harmed in the making of this coffeecake.

So last night's adventure was making something called blueberry dog belly. It's a coffeecake/coffeebread sort of thing. I was explaining it to my mom on the phone: "You take a biscuity sort of dough and roll it out." "Uh-huh." "And you cover it with blueberries and sprinkle it with sugar and roll it into a log and seal the ends." "Uh-huh." "And then you wrap it in cheesecloth and boil it in a pot of water on the stove for half an hour." "...You what?"

So it was weird. It was definitely weird. We haven't cut into it yet. I will Let You Know. If it's no good, we'll throw it away and eat ice cream.

("Oh, that's your solution for everything!" Why, yes. Yes it is. If this novel is no good? Throw it away and eat ice cream! How can this go wrong? Answer: it can't. Particularly if "ice cream" is taken to include sorbet when needed.)

(But the novel is behaving itself admirably at the moment. Continuing to be interesting not only past the 30K mark but also past the 45K mark. I am tentatively hopeful that this novel will only suck to write for brief periods, mostly in the late afternoon, mostly when I didn't get enough protein at lunch and should really go find some almonds or a hard-boiled egg or something.)

(I am really, really not a late-afternoon person.)

Today will feature an airport run and a hospital run, but as the latter is a) planned, b) minor, and c) not related to anyone in my immediate family, it's along the lines of "item on to-do list" rather than "major life stress." And there will be more book. Like ya do.