March 9th, 2007


The dumb.

Dear Internets,

Please excuse mrissa today. She has caught leahbobet's professed case of the dumb from yesterday.

someone in charge

Seriously, people. I wake up like turning on a switch, most mornings: I am asleep, and then I am awake, and if there is an intermediate state, it feels approximately like "asleep" in that I am not conscious of it happening. Except this morning, when I woke up nearly incoherently groggy. I have gained some coherence since then, but not much. Tried breakfast. Tried a hard workout. Tried quiet reading time. Tried a nap (did not sleep, also did not get de-groggified).

Happily, I have a few things on my list that take very little brain, so I won't be utterly useless today. But still. Buh. Brain has congealed.

Maybe it's all the productive usefulness from earlier in the week catching up with me.