March 3rd, 2007

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Fortnight of February 18-March 3

On the plane out to California last Saturday, it occurred to me that I hadn't posted the week's stats. Oops. So here's the fortnight's numbers: four rejections, one request for additional additional material.

Also I got the page proofs for my story in The Best of Jim Baen's Universe 2006. Their boilerplate starts with, "Herewith for your review are page proofs for your novel." Now, the TO: line and the RE: line are very clearly about the anthology, but I was pretty tired last night by the time Mark dug the envelope out of the snowdrift in front of the front door. I skipped right to the letter text and stood there blinking and thinking, "Did I miss the part where I sold a novel and was happy and celebrated and also probably revised the silly thing? Did I skip right to the part where I have to correct page proofs before the 13th? What novel was that, then? ... This is a very thin novel. ...... Perhaps I shall read this again from the top. Ah."

I have come entirely unstuck in time. I keep repeating to myself that today is Saturday, with all the Saturday things that implies. Saturday. Yep. Not Sunday, not Monday. Saturday. Okay then.

The light from snow in the early morning is so different in late winter than in early winter. It's good to be home.
good mris pic

Have been meaning to say:

If you keep thinking that your friends are all so much smarter than you, perhaps it's time to consider that all those smart people may be seeing something you're missing.

(Though the person I wanted to say that to most is almost certainly not going to read it here. Ah well.)