February 24th, 2007


On my way

In a minute it will be my turn in the shower, and then my dad will be here to drive us to the airport. The snow is not of the earth-shattering proportions they had predicted -- at least not yet -- so it looks like we'll actually get to leave.

I will have computer access when markgritter is around with his, and otherwise not, so anything time-sensitive should be dealt with on my cell phone.

I will be posting about times for things like Au Coquelet and Bodeguita once we get out to the Bay Area. If you're going to go to either of those and would like us to choose time judiciously so you can get there, please let me know. (I'll want to get an approximate headcount and make a reservation at Bodeguita -- if you can't make it and tell me you can, no harm done.)

Have a great weekend. Talk to you when we get to the hotel tonight.


Safe in the hotel in Palo Alto. We arrived here only two hours late and went up to Mill Valley for the afternoon/early evening. Pretty tired. Doing all right. Mark is going to have to jury-rig something for my e-mail, because getting at my normal e-mail (the marissalingen.com address) in the normal way will not work. But later. Now, sleep.