January 16th, 2007


In media res

And that's how I ended up driving timprov to the emergency room at 2:30 this morning.

Problem diagnosed (related to treatment of ongoing condition), patient released, both of us home. I'm eating breakfast before I try going back to bed, in hopes that that will help. I'm expecting the end of the adrenaline to come around the time the end of my breakfast does.

Not specifying the problem for his privacy but also because I'm not in the mood to hear whose mother's third cousin had something like that and what they did about it.

Fairview Ridges nurses, as usual, rock.

E. Nesbit was just the right thing for me to read in the little ER examining room while he was off having tests done.

Sleep would be good, though. I approve of sleep, in theory, and I welcome the opportunity to examine the practical aspects more closely.

This is so much better than last winter's trip to their ER, I can't even begin to say.
writing everywhere

Second, no pistols required.

My second short story sale of the year is also my second short story sale of the day: Aberrant Dreams wants "Water, Flesh, and Stone," which I believe is dedicated to pegkerr; certainly it was written because of some of the stuff she was writing in her lj about heart of flesh and heart of stone.

So, um, yay!

Books read, early January

I got warm socks and Indian takeout. The Very Helpful Beast helped me take a nap this afternoon. So. I'm still sort of a zombie, but I did manage to get some stuff done, and I'll go to bed at a reasonable hour, and ideally no one will have any more emergencies in the night.

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