January 3rd, 2007

good mris pic


I strongly suspect that the apricot preserves I put in my brother-in-law-in-law's crockpot apricot chicken recipe were The Wrong Kind, because I am not at all sure we have something salvageable here. We will try again later with a different kind of apricot preserves, but not tonight, for heaven's sake not tonight. This is why they have these cunning little shops that manufacture pizzas to suit.

I know entropy wins every day. But today is a day that feels more like entropy is winning. Even though much of my desk is cleaner than it was 24 hours ago. Rooms dusted! Thank-you cards written! Story notes sorted! Magazines filed or bagged to send away! Buttons sewn on! And when I sew a button on, it stays sewn on. Unfortunately, often this means that a good yank such as a casual person might do to their trousers casually will shatter the button rather than merely pulling it loose. But never mind that. I have done my part with the sewing and can do no more.

And still the entropic feelings. Bah, entropy. I think it's because of the door thing falling off my desk. Did you know they used to springload typewriters in these things? True story. lydy explained it to me. (...so it must be true, right?) The light is bad in this corner, but I do need to get in there and Make It Go, or determine that it won't and figure out what to do from there. This was my grandfather's desk. I love having my grandfather's desk. I also love having a functional desk. So there you have that.

Or it might be the malfunctioning post office machines, or it might be the lack of humidifier parts at our Home Despot, or it might be sheer perversity on the part of my brain (never to be underestimated). I don't know. Anyway, I am going to try to wrestle the feelings of entropy into submission by writing some more of "The Snow Queen and Milady de Winter." It's not the winning, it's the trying, and all that.

How are you wrestling entropy? Who's winning?