December 16th, 2006


Books read, first half of December

I am in Thick Nonfiction Tome mode this fortnight, and at least some of it will continue: there are three of that category on my library book pile, with more I can grab from our own stacks if I feel the urge. So while it's not the only thing I'm reading -- I can't read just nonfiction, never could -- it's taking up a lot of the time and energy.

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Week of December 10-16

Four rejections. Fa la la la la, rejections.

Got some unexpected bad personal news from an old college friend and spent all afternoon and dinner with him. I expected to have a quiet day around the house, and while this was loud, it certainly wasn't emotionally quiet at all. But being there for him was much more important. Will likely come up again in the months to come. I am extremely sorry for what he's going through, but glad beyond measure that after this time he would still call me (us, really: timprov is not irrelevant to this person, either) when he was going through something this bad.

Friendslist has been doing rather shakily this week as well. Light the candles, sing the songs. Hang in there.

Going to have something sweet and decorate the tree now -- it's gotten too late the last several times I was going to, and I got too tired. But now the tree will be trimmed. Ista will want to help, I feel sure.