November 15th, 2006


Restaurant review: Brix

Last night, lydy and timprov and I decided to try Brix, a fairly new "bistro and wine bar." It's in St. Louis Park, in the Excelsior and Grand area where Mojito used to be. We'll definitely be going back, with various parties in tow. This was good stuff.

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One can't eat like that every day -- at least, I can't -- and so there will be simply roasted squash and salad today, but I like that, too. Also probably I will make banana bread.

Also there will be writing and reading and putting several things in the mail. Quiet day at home, I expect. These are much appreciated sometimes.

(Also there are bonbons. I have not forgotten International Bonbons and Movie Magazines Month. I hope you haven't, either! It is a worthy observance!)

Books read and stuff

So very tired. Oof. Am hoping that dinner will give me a second wind. A third wind? As long as it doesn't give me the wind, I suppose we should all be grateful and leave it at that.

Ista went outside to give the neighbor dogs their instructions, and she came in full of vinegar at the very least. We have already had our walk today. We are not having another. It is cold and dark and I am tired. I see Red Dot in my future.

I read some books lately. Collapse )

To-do list: move forward. Stop second-guessing self. Everything else as listed on extremely long to-do list here.

So okay, lots of you have gone over the 50 "most influential" works of SF/fantasy, and that's fine, but here's what interests me more: tell me about one work of SF or fantasy that has influenced you. Not the single most influential if you don't feel like it. Just tell me about one. How old were you, where did you find it, why was it important, do you think its importance to you is in line with how good it is or disproportionate for some reason, etc. etc.