October 30th, 2006

o canada

Good news, everyone!

Still sick. Not nearly as sick as last night. I managed to get through an entire mug of white-cranberry peach juice and a big glass of water, with no ill effects so far. (Being hypoglycemic is a really bad thing to combine with a stomach bug.)

But! There is good news! On Spec has decided they want to buy "Carter Hall Sweeps a Path." They published "Carter Hall Recovers the Puck" in their Spring 2006 issue, so I'm very glad to see they like what I'm doing with Carter and Tam and Janet still. (Especially as I'm in the middle of writing another short story. And eventually there will be the book, but we are Never Minding that now.)

For those of you who don't remember me blathering about this one when I was writing it, it's got curling and Baba Yaga in addition to the usual hockey/Tam Lin combo.

Lovely sensible Canadians. Oh, I am pleased.
getting by

checking in

Well, now. This stomach bug thing could be better, but really, it also could be worse. I have managed something along the lines of caloric intake for each general meal period, even though it's been nothing large or exciting (juice and cold cereal and Saltines, mostly -- the Vietnamese place near us only has pho for lunch, which is no use to me now). I feel pretty certain that I will be on the plane to Austin on Thursday morning, especially watching how markgritter is getting better ahead of me.

Still, today was pretty useless, and the list is pretty darn long. My mom is going to come help with some house stuff one of these days, so that's much appreciated. Going to lie down again.