October 29th, 2006

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Not at all the weekend we expected, but these things do happen. I am so far fluless. I am staying hydrated and eating vitamin-y things in hopes that there will be some kind of talisman effect to ward this bug off me. We will see how markgritter is doing when he wakes up as to what useful stuff I can manage today around taking care of him.

I woke up at 4:40, with that thoroughly-awake kind of waking where you know you can roll over all you want but will just lie there thinking of things and might as well get up. I never enjoy autumn Daylight Savings changes. I don't wake up to the alarm, so it's not that the alarm goes off later. I wake up at the same time and have to struggle to shift my schedule later so that I'm not going to bed at 9:30 and killing any hopes of ever having a social life again.

Time to be useful, as long as I'm going to be awake. Day off, hah.
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aet has links to two videos that...um. Let's say they tickle the Scandosotan Finnophile end of my sense of humor. Dry and sick, basically. (matociquala: this means you.) Don't say I didn't warn you about either of those adjectives here. They start slowly, but there were a few moments that had me giggling madly. I make no guarantees that they will do any such thing to you.

aet specifically likes comments on lj to keep her English flexible, so don't hesitate to talk to her if you head over.
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Being Smart Is Not Enough, #7664.

Ista and I were out raking leaves. She is a poodle, not bred for northern climes, so we put a jacket on her when she's outside in the fall and winter, so that we can get some energy run off her before she's a mass of shivering bones. (She is also a fairly skinny poodle. Gets bored with eating and wanders off: I already smelled that. That's my girl. Sigh.)

Anyway, so she went under the deck, where monkeys cannot go, in her jacket, and she came out nekkid.

I said, "Ista, where's your jacket?"

She looked at me speculatively. We have only done "where's" with Piggy, and Piggy was Inside. The monkeys have been very clear that Piggy Stays Inside. Clearly I did not mean Piggy.

I said, "Jacket. Where's your jacket?"

She went and stabbed her nose downwards through the boards of the deck near the door to the sun porch. I followed her and looked. Sure enough, I could see a little bit of purple fleece. "Clever girl," I sighed. No way could we reach under there. Not even with the fing-longer. Well, someone could go under there.

I said, "Go get it, Ista! Get your jacket!" So off she trotted under the deck, and I heard scuffling and pulling and scuffling, and eventually she emerged without jacket. I think it's caught on something, a board under the deck or something. As usual, being smart is helpful but not sufficient.

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Sicko #2

This is markgritter, posting for Marissa. She caught the same bug as I did, so she'll probably be out of commission for the next day or so. General unpleasantness all around.

The small bop is spending the night with her grandmonkeys, and they brought us supplies so that nobody has to leave the house.