October 17th, 2006

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More later

Jaw hurts but healing. My early day: allergist check-up (routine), absolutely necessary errands, taking sick dog to vet. All those things I was saying I didn't have time for? More so with sick dog. Poor bop. More later when I have the chance.
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Sick pup

So. Ista is going to be okay.

Notice how "is going to be" and "is" are not the same verb tense.

She's got an obstruction in her gastrointestinal tract, and they're currently feeding the poor little beastlet barium to pinpoint where and what. They are also giving her fluids. In a few hours, I will go back to our normal vet, fetch the bop, and take her down to the emergency vet in Apple Valley, because they have 24 hour staff who can keep getting her hydrated. Ideally she will keep getting hydrated overnight and then return to our normal vet clinic in the morning for surgery to remove the obstruction. If the emergency vet decides that the situation has progressed to an emergency, they can do the surgery right away in the night -- they have not just vet techs but full-fledged vets on hand all night.

I went to select the icon of me holding her as a baby and broke down utterly. Even though she is going to be fine. Because she is the dog and I am the monkey and I am in charge of her feeling good. And the vet (beloved of both myself and Ista, by the way -- awesome, awesome vet, at least with small dogs and talking to mrissas) told me that we had done exactly the right thing, that if we'd called yesterday when she was slightly punky, they probably wouldn't have thought anything of it, and if we'd waited until tomorrow, she would have been much worse off, more dehydrated and hungrier and so on. Still. She is such a sweet little beast, and she has just gotten to be such a good puppy, and the problem here is that I have down time. Because if I was still dealing with everything with her, I would be in Cope Mode. But I have time to be upset, so I am.

Also I forgot to take my SuperAdvil along to the allergist, and I was due for a dose at the end of the appointment and didn't actually get one until after Ista's appointment three hours later. This is actually still non-negligible.

I love our groomer, too. She saw me standing in the vet's waiting room without the pup and immediately said, "What's wrong with Ista?" She didn't have to fumble for the name or anything. And when Ista heard her voice out in the hall when we were in the exam room, she perked up her ears and wanted to go to Lisa. Which is a nice thing to have as part of our life in general.

All right. I'm going to go put a cool cloth on my face and then I'm going to do something useful so that I can regain Cope. Because everything is going to be fine, and part of how it's going to be fine is by me coping with things one at a time.
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The emergency vet clinic is a very nice place -- not quite as nice as our usual vet's, but our usual vet's is really nice.

Ista was visibly perkier in the few hours of receiving fluids between when I dropped her off and when Mark and I picked her up to go down to the emergency vet. Also the wash of barium had moved the obstruction along somewhat. They are keeping an eye on her with X-rays and noting whether the obstruction continues to move or whether it sticks put somewhere. There is some chance she will pass it and will not have to have an operation after all. We are hoping.

It's going to be a quiet night around here, but things are going as well as they could under the circumstances.

I am exhausted. I do appreciate the individual well-wishes in comments, but I'm not going to have the energy to respond to each in turn.