October 14th, 2006

good mris pic


Best! Oatmeal! EVER!

I mean, not in terms of quality; that, despite my dislike of total orderings, would be the stuff I had at Lucille's in Fort Collins on the move back here. Man. Tastiest oatmeal ever, there. If you're at all in the neighborhood of Fort Collins, CO, go eat beignets and oatmeal and anything else there, because it is all so very good. The coffee has chicory in it, which may be an incentive for you or a warning. Me, I like chicory.

But anyway. This morning's oatmeal was the most appreciated oatmeal ever, because it was not yogurt. When I hear people talking about how they need to start their day with protein and not carbs, I cannot help but believe them that that is how their bodies work, but it certainly isn't how my body works.

Also: I woke up in pain, but I didn't wake up from pain. And that, my dears, is what we call progress.

Tonight I am going to have Kraft dinner for dinner. I am really excited about the Kraft dinner. It's the most exciting thing I plan for today, although you should all feel free to give me more exciting news, of course.
good mris pic

Week of October 8-14

Three rejections this week. Two of them were on the same story -- fast turn-around -- I need to get that one sent off again. Also I got a couple of firm maybes. So okay then.

I have switched from Vicodin to SuperAdvil. It's clear that the SuperAdvil is not doing as much as the Vicodin was to relieve pain. It's also clear that the SuperAdvil is not doing as much as the Vicodin was to upset my stomach and make me dizzy, so on the whole, I think I'm at the point where this is the right call. And if I change my mind, the two can be used in conjunction, so that's no problem. Improvement. I'm at that annoying stage where I'm fidgety but any significant activity makes my head and the spot where once there were wisdom teeth ache and throb. Well. I won't stay here long, I imagine.

I owe a couple of people crits but have not gotten to them because I kind of wanted to stay focused on what they actually wrote. Maybe tomorrow.

Also there is a great deal of writing pressing on my head demanding to be done.

And chores. And errands.

Well. It's a good thing I'm in a pretty upbeat mood, eh? Because I have places to use that energy more or less as soon as it shows up.