October 7th, 2006

good mris pic

Week of October 1-7

Two hold requests. No other motion on various fiction fronts.

markgritter is home safely and has dealt with the poor sad tomato plants. Paul Douglas the Weather Guy says the first frost should be Friday. I will be bouncing as I wait. I love the first frost.

I was in a Mood about my fiction as I was writing out the first batch of postcards. You know, the "I should give up and go back to physics or go live in a cave, or maybe I should go be a physicist who lives in a cave" mood. Then two things happened: I ate a piece of fruit (curse you, 4:00 blood sugar drop! I should never listen to you!), and I knew what came after the bit I was writing on redbird's postcard. And that story fell together with a crash and a thud, right on my head, and all of a sudden figuring out how to get the cave wired for the HV power supplies on the NIM bins looked a lot less necessary.

Bought the stuff for squash soup and an experimental canteloupe soup at Byerly's. Cool fruit soup is good for people who have had things yanked out of their heads, and the blueberry mango cardamom soup I made when I had my left wisdom teeth out was really awesome. This will be orange canteloupe and a hint of cinnamon. The right wisdom teeth come out Wednesday. Good fun for the whole family.

I was thinking about the yahoo who was trying some matociquala-baiting earlier, and I just can't fathom it, myself. What on earth would make you comment on a total stranger's livejournal to tell her that her work was a waste of time? Not bad or wrong or evil -- if someone's work was kicking baby bunnies, I could see becoming outraged and requesting that they stop. But just a waste of time. If you really believed that, why on earth would you bother telling a total stranger? Total strangers can waste their time all over the place, and it's none of my concern.

Oh, it's that again: lacking the "it's none of my concern" meme.

And speaking of which: gentlemen of Eagan! While I appreciate your willingness to reassure your partner that she is still attractive to you -- because this is a nice thing to do for one's partner -- can you please go over the specific details of this sentiment somewhere other than on your cell phone on the sidewalk in front of Byerly's? Thank you so much. Because as fascinating as you may find the specific texture of your partner's thighs, the rest of us were not actually sitting around wondering. At all. Ever.

What is it with people not understanding what the sidewalk in front of Byerly's is for? It is for walking! Into Byerly's! Or out of Byerly's! Or waiting for one's transport! That's it! Not for consuming illegal substances! Not for half-shouting hackneyed similes about one's partner's personal attributes into the phone! To use really strong Minnesotan language, that is not okay!