September 30th, 2006

writing everywhere

Week of September 24-30

Three rejections, one interesting bit of news.

I wanted to have a short story written by the end of the week, and I will, but not the one I was writing day before yesterday. That's okay, though: that one ("Five Ways to Ruin a First Date") will take some more time, but it'll be done eventually. And this one is for gaaldine, for curious reasons that would spoil the story. It's called "The Madness of Rui Falero."

I said I was going to write SF short stories until I got to one I liked, and then I could write some more fantasy short stories if I wanted to. But I think I will still finish "Five Ways" when I'm done with "The Madness of Rui Falero"; I never said I had to go back to fantasy right away.

And then there are the longer works, but let's not talk about those just now.

I have a priority list at the top of the file that contains my weekly to-do list. #0 is always "take care of self and family." ("Family" here includes bonds of blood, law, and choice.) The rest is writing stuff. I had 12 additional things on it when I made it. It's down to 4. I should probably rethink this so that there are additional priorities further down the list, but October is looking extremely daunting on the #0 front. I was saying to haddayr how many medical bits there were to next month, and then I realized I had undercounted by at least one. Much of it is routine but time-consuming. So maybe the priority reassessment can wait until I am back from World Fantasy. Heaven knows that #s 0-4 are not small in any way.