September 25th, 2006


John M. Ford, 1957-2006

Lots of people around the internet are mourning the death of Mike Ford (the news was first at Making Light, as far as I know, and people are posting there; it is a good thing). I'm one of them. I'm glad I got to go to Ask Dr. Mike a few times, glad I got to meet him, glad I got to the point where I could wander over and talk to him at a con comfortably or vice versa. And so very glad of the books and stories, of course. Always.

I'm hoping at some point I can see something useful to do for people who were closer to him than I was, but until then, I'm going to make rosemary buns and curl up on the couch with Heat of Fusion.

He will be missed. No, no passive voice: we will miss him. A lot.
getting by

Elise Update

As Jen The World's Best Lab Partner used to say, I am beat-down, dog-tahrd, and half-daid. I was full of energy until I got in the door to my house, and now it's all gone. But I think some of you are probably worrying about elisem tonight, and so I wanted to post this before I fall over: I went up to help Elise with some stuff tonight, and I watched her eat nutritious food (we went and got a roasted chicken on the way back from errands), and I watched her drink significant water, and I watched her take necessary meds. She is pale and she is tired and she is grieving her dear one. But she is also laughing at "Mike stories" as they come to her, and enjoying telling them; and she is crying when she needs to; and she is asking for hugs and help when she needs those, too.

More than once, she expressed appreciation -- nearly awe -- for how many people have e-mailed her with sympathy already. It sounds like she has good support from good people in a lot of ways. (Yes, I'm being vague. But a lot of the details weren't any of my business.)

We arranged for me to bring food Wednesday. I'll see if anything needs doing then. She said that she'd want more from people around then, she thought, so it'd be a good time for helpful locals to check in, maybe.

Maybe I shouldn't be saying this on a public post, and I hope nobody takes it amiss; I just know that I've been worried about her all day, and I don't want those of you who were in the same boat to, uh, stay in that...boat.....right. To bed with the Mris. As I was leaving, elisem instructed me to hug my dear ones. You do the same.