September 22nd, 2006

good mris pic

borrowed +/- format

- We don't have a dial tone on the landline again, and my cell reception is breaking up in the rain. So if you have something of vital interest to share with me, please do not use the telephone to convey it. Does this make me happy? Oh, just guess how happy.

+ It's raining. It's fall, and it's chilly, and it's raining.

- October does not look like it's going to be my best month ever, which is too bad, because usually October is my very favorite month. But the extraction of my two remaining wisdom teeth has been pushed off to October, and I'll be having a procedure to deal with the vertigo that will leave me barred from such important activities as driving, exercise, lying down, and bending over for a couple of days. "Tying one's shoes" was listed as the kind of activity one would be required to avoid. Also there will be more routine sorts of annual medical things for me, and I'll be taking timprov to a couple of relevant specialists. So on the days when we have nothing medical whatsoever scheduled for anyone, I will want to smell leaves and walk around lakes and so on. Bake apples! Roast squash! Etc.!

+ Sampo is actually behaving itself moderately well for the second day in a row. Nice book. *petpet*

- My positive stuff is taking up less space on the lj than my negative stuff, making me proportionately grumpier-looking.

+ The positive stuff is taking up more space in my head, so that's far preferable.