September 21st, 2006

viking princess necklace


I came out of the bathroom dressed and ready for the day, putting on my jewelry.

"Hello, alecaustin," said timprov. "What have you done with the mrissa?"*

I started laughing. "alecaustin doesn't wear tights!"

timprov gave me an eyebrow.

"Okay, so it's a little Goth-ier than my usual."

"You're wearing black tights, a black skirt, a black sweater, and black pearls**. Oh, and now black earrings. You don't think that's more than a little Goth-ier than usual?"

"They're not black tights!" I said. "They're purple tights with black and grey trim."

"This is like zebras," said timprov.

My tights are almost nothing like zebras. Zebras are not argyled. Zebras are rarely purple, unless you make them laugh so hard they can't breathe. So, in summary: not like my tights. The thing is, I found these tights yesterday at Target, and there is, as buymeaclue would say, loff. This is the up side to caring somewhat about clothing: a $4 pair of tights can make me unreasonably happy. It's worth not giving up and wearing a gunny sack, because I am so happy with my tights. (Unless I could wear the tights under a gunny sack. Hmmmm.)

I will be putting on black shoes and a black jacket to go outside. And I considered a black cami top with a black hoodie as an alternative to the black sweater, and I wished the black shirt I ordered had come in, and I thought maybe I need a new black sweater. This Accidental Goth thing, it's hitting me pretty hard this year. I like colors! But I also like tights, and it's not always easy to match good tights, and it's much cheaper to wear black than to run around trying to find shirts to match every $4 pair of tights that makes one's heart sing.

In somewhat deeper news, yesterday I promised myself that if only I would finish this draft of Sampo (new subtitle: The Book of Infinite Revision), I would get to write a fun book yet this year.*** Then I accidentally tripped over spots to do things that needed to happen in Sampo, and so I'm much more cheerful about making it go and about the prospect of actually getting to a fun book yet this year. So that's all good, then.

And you? Good accidents in your day yet?

*I want it noted here that I have seen alecaustin wear colors that were not black. That were not even grey. (Not much, though. But this may have changed in the years since we lived in the same time zone.)
**Hematite beads, courtesy of gaaneden some years ago.
***What, you may ask, is a fun book? And I will tell you: a book that is not this one.

Mrissish book poll

I know, I know. But I'm made uncomfortable by my own writing right now, so please entertain me. Just guess.

Poll #826958 Books current and future

Which elements of Sampo are going to upset mrissa's grandparents, grands-in-law, and elderly aunties most?

The sex.
The sex that comes with built-in consent difficulties.
The sex with anonymous strangers. Or rather stranger. Or rather Alfred.
The language: certain shiny lovely translated Finnish vulgarities.
The language: Finnish. (We all know what they're like.)
The politics.
The rum -- no, really this time, not just a pirate reference.
The religion, or mostly lack thereof.
The total absence of tickyboxes.
The fact that it is fantasy rather than science fiction. (It IS, dammit!)
The fact that she has gotten fantasy gooped all over this spy novel.
The fact that she has gotten spies gooped all over this fantasy novel.
The fact that she didn't consult them about the thermionic valves and got details wrong thereby.

Which book is mrissa going to write next for fun?

The True Tale of Carter Hall
Midnight Sun Rising (next after Sampo but also stand-alone, and also around 40K completed)
The Alder-Wood Statue (next after The Mark of the Sea Serpent)
the Aesir noir book
the bit of YA SF about the Jovian moons
her Southern Californian mystery
What We Did to Save the Kingdom (the girl-Richelieu book)
The Winter Wars
that 19th century YA SF utopian commune whatsit
Zodiac House
the neuropsych start-up novel
something else completely