September 18th, 2006

good mris pic

Can't trust that day, and other cliched entry titles.

We didn't have internet or phone service for most of today. It was annoying. The cell only helped so much as a substitute. There were several things I would have liked to get done and couldn't. Blah. Among the many things on which I am now behind: e-mail. Sorry.

On the up side, the vertigo is much, much less than it has been, to the point where I was drive-safe for most of the day. Which was good, since markgritter had to go somewhere else to work, with the internet down and all, and since the car needed to have its brakes fixed, and so on. And now the brakes are not going CRUNCHTHUD, and this is a good thing, because the car should never go CRUNCHTHUD, much less repeatedly.

This is a week where I'm not allowed to share news that isn't mine, but that doesn't mean I'm not obsessing about it anyway. I will say that if you have enough cousins, everything in the world will eventually happen to some cousin of yours or another. If I tell you that the Amber books felt homey and comfortable to me because of the cozy, normal extended-family relationships, possibly you will see where I'm coming from here. And many of the jokes I make about my large extended family are looking less funny today.

I am trying not to be in a savage bad mood, but honestly, some of the things I have come up with as "the up side" today are making me reconsider my attachment to bloody-minded optimism. Except that it's a temperamental rather than a philosophical attachment, so I guess I'm stuck. All right then. Everybody sing!