September 10th, 2006


Happy shallow things

I conferred with my mom, and the dresses I found on Friday are plenty formal enough for Jim's wedding, so no more shopping required! Yay. One is wine-colored and the other navy. (I may end up wearing one or both of them at World Fantasy.) Also one of my end-of-season clearance backup swimsuits arrived, and it fit (calloo callay!), so I am now the owner of a blue and white hibiscus print bikini. The arrival of the hot tub has brought our swimsuit use up considerably, so it's nice to have another.

timprov and I went to early Perkins breakfast. When I refused to play Cliff Shag Marry with him (ever again because he is evil), he spent the early part of this morning making other songs into Tam Lin songs. His evil cannot be stopped. On the other hand, it gives me things to listen to when I'm thinking about The True Tale of Carter Hall.

Which I am not, of course, because I'm not writing that yet, la la la la la no.

Aiee. There was another happy thing of not too great a depth, but I forget what it was. Anyway, soon I'm going to get ready to head down to Fest for the day, which should be good fun. Hope you're having good mornings, too.

Edited to add: These aren't it, but I thought of two more good things of not much depth: Friday the birch branch outside my bathroom window had green leaves. Yesterday yellow-green. Today golden. Just that branch, not the rest of the tree.

Also, when I let the dog in, her fur was cold and smelled of autumn.