September 8th, 2006

good mris pic


Some of you have already seen this at matociquala's: there is an anthology coming out next year called The Best of Jim Baen's Universe, 2006, with the following contents:


John Barnes, Every Hole is Outlined
Gregory Benford, Bow Shock
Dave Drake, The Darkness
Ani Fox, Giving It Fourteen Percent
Dave Freer, Candy-Blossom
Thea Hutchison, Fishing
B.B. Kristopher, The Girl With the Killer Eyes
Garth Nix, Dog Soldier
Lawrence Person, Bob’s Yeti Problem
Mike Resnick, All the Things You Are
Katherine Sanger, Decaf and Spaceship, To Go
S. Andrew Swann, A Time to Kill
Ray Tabler, Local Boy Makes Good
Jo Walton, What Would Sam Spade Do?
Eric Witchey, Brienna’s Constant


Elizabeth Bear, The Cold Blacksmith
John Barnes, Poga
Maya Bohnhoff, The Nature of Things
Esther Friesner, Benny Comes Home
John Lambshead, As Black as Hell
Marissa Lingen, The Opposite of Pomegranates
L. E. Modesitt, Jr., Sisters of Sarronnyn; Sisters of Westwind
Jeremy Simon, A Hire Power
Jason Wittman, Femme Fatale
Gene Wolfe, The Old Woman in the Young Woman

Did it go right past you, too, or did you spot it sooner than I did? I am very pleased. And as Eric Flint (the editor) said, this isn't necessarily the most meritorious bunch of stories, just a bunch they thought would make a good anthology. I'm certainly happy with it!

In other news, I spiked a fever last night, but it broke, and I'm doing better this morning. I only passed out once, and that wasn't even for very long. My back is a total disaster, but I'm going to have Josh Who Isn't Alec fix it this afternoon. Unlike last night, I do not look like the wreck of the Hesperus, something the cat wouldn't bother to drag in, death on toast, crap on crackers, or like I was sent for and couldn't come. (What charming expressions do your relatives have for this situation?) I expect I will be able to do some useful things today. Last night I was kind of in paperweight/hatrack mode. I do hope the headache goes away when Josh WIA fixes my back, though, because it's not good fun.

conversation #788

Brain: We should write a book set in Australia!
Me: We're already writing a book. And we know nothing about Australia.
Brain: We could learn! There are lots and lots of books out there that have something to do with Australia, and we could read them and listen to The Waifs and Aboriginal music and think the thinky thoughts about water and deserts and colonialism and magic and the rest of this worldbuilding stuff.
Me: Um....
Brain: And then it would be years until we had time to deal with Sampo again.
Me: Back to work, you.
Brain: *sulk*