September 3rd, 2006


Oh, the indignity.

So J. Jill makes different cuts of jeans and labels them, so you can go buy curvy jeans or linear jeans depending on what kind of butt you have. And they have a size that fits me. I have been living in various incarnations these jeans for two years now, and it means I don't have to pay exorbitant sums for hand-tailored jeans. I went and picked up a few extra pairs when they were on sale.

One pair made me think, "Wow, how did I gain that much weight over the summer and not notice? [pause] And apparently I grew three inches as well?" Because J. Jill is really not into the "hang jeans directly from pubic bone" style of trouser-wearing, and yet these jeans were not going to pull up any further than that before there was no more jean to be had. I compared them to the other pair and to my previous jeans, and it looks like they mislabeled a pair of 2Ps as a 4. Fine; I will take them back.

But the other pair! It fits beautifully! They've lengthened the default length again, but this is a minor indignity I can have my mom fix for me in 15 minutes or so. But! But! They took the pockets, and they replaced them with girl pockets! The last knuckle of my fingers won't go into these pockets unless I curl my fingers, because they are just that shallow!

They're still the jeans that fit my butt, so I am more or less stuck with them. But girl pockets, honestly, how could they?

It's all deep thought all the time around here, people.